Caravan Morris Getaway?

Well I have been trying to organise a Morris Dancing meet/getaway for bloody ages now! Like, totally bloody ages! Eugh! It makes me sick sometimes. Sick to think of how hard it is to just find some Morris Dancing these days. Sick of people people misunderstanding us because they want to misunderstand us. Sick of having to justify practices that have been common and traditional in this country for hundreds of years. Sick of not being able to do everything I want. Sick of bakers having to bake cakes they don’t want to bake. And most of all, I’m sick of having salmonella.


Bloody Salmonella! I’m sick of it! And because of it! Any whoo, I really think a summer Morris Meet is a great idea and I’ve been scouting locations. I had a look at Scotland but to far away, had a look at Cornwall but too separatist, had a look at London but too controversial. So what about Yorkshire? There’s a place on the age of the Forest Of Bowland that looks pretty and great. And they have the famous Bowland Static Caravans that we could all stay in.


We can stay in them, we can cook in them, we can clean them, we can eat inside them, we can sit outside them, we can morris dance all around them! It’ll be the greatest AND the best don’t you know yes you do. And then, at the end of all of that happening, we can probably dance some bloody more morris actually ha HA!