Morris Dancing On Campus Across The USA

Sometimes I feel that footballers become burdened with the amount of money that is thrown at them. For instance: article-0-18E72FD000000578-162_634x676

All they really wanted to do was play football all the time, and yeah be rich and successful and stuff, maybe even famous. Some of them revel in all the stuff that their abilities have brought, some of them role in the money and get famous girlfriends and head out into town covered in diamonds. But with some of them you get the sense that they are most comfortable in the environment in which they excel (training, playing, being a football person) but really are uncomfortable in the world that their sucsess has made for them outside of there. All the things that have attached themselves to him, the money loving wife, the money and the need to spend it. Look at Robbie Keane: he could afford any clothes in the world, but he doesn’t know how to be more interesting than those clothes, he doesn’t want to be more interesting than those clothes, he has no desire or need too. But all this money, it demands to be spent, but he just has an interesting ceiling he can’t get through. Basically he could afford all the clothes he wants and everything he actually cares about with about about $50,000 a week less than he currently earns ($53,000 a week).


What did young Robbie Keane want? He’s shown incredible desire throughout his career. He scored twice on his debut for Wolverhampton Wolves at age 17. He was their top scorer the next season then set off to try to find a footballing home, breaking transfer records as he went. He found a home at Tottenham for 6 years, endearing himself to the fans their with his goal scoring prowess and tireless dedication. He kept going when he briefly went to Liverpool then headed back. He’s been to a lot of different places since then and just kept working and working, playing and scoring. He is the 13th most successful goal scorer in premier league history. It ain’t for the money. He’s doing very well in the US where he earned more than Thierry Henry whilst he was there for gods sake, and football is doing very well there too. So why can’t morris dancing? We’ve been in touch with Campus Solutions Inc: College Marketing to see if we can’t get some Morris Dancing on college campuses across the USA. This is the big plan!

Lets go!