But Seriously, Why On Earth Morris Dancing?

Often, when we are out dancing our Morris on small high street of local towns, at beautiful summer fêtes in local villages, at foot markets and at all other kinds of great events, people come up to me and ask me ‘Why is that man got those f**king bells on his legs? They are very annoying! And why are they hitting those sticks together? And is this really dancing?


Isn’t this maybe at very least the furthest thing from the core of dancing possible? As in: if you were someone with absolutely no natural aptitude for dancing (no rhythm, no dexterity, no physical fitness, no flair, no talent for performance, no flexibility, no passion) then this would be the form of ‘dancing’ for you? Also, you do realise this very, very, very boring to watch and really is quite selfish, as it is only you who gets anything out of this? And what you get out of it relies on the annoyance of many, many other people? And doesn’t that make you feel stupid and pointless and sh*t? And isn’t it just boring? So, in summary: why Morris Dancing?’

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Look at that picture above: Doesn’t that look nice? Don’t they look happy? That’s what it’s all about (no, not just drinking!) what it’s all about is having a community, having a hobby, having some friends.

Now there’s nothing sad about that!